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'Ditch Dogma'

Reject unquestioned beliefs, embrace critical thought, and open the mind to new perspectives for growth and change.



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Philosophy: “Ditch Dogma, Unleash Human Performance”

Traditional leadership and change methods breed resistance, but aligning with human nature sparks real transformation. Innovate beyond products; revolutionize how we lead, adapt, and operate for enhanced human performance, thriving workplaces, robust economies, and a brighter future.

Outdated Methods, Modern Problems:

Organizational tools are relics of a bygone era; like trying to fix wifi with a stone hammer. Result? A staggering 70% failure rate in transformations and projects. It’s time to innovate leadership and work methods for the present and future.

Traditional Traps:

Traditional leadership and change methods foster resistance and stifle innovation. A seismic shift away from outdated practices is essential to un-limit human potential and foster genuine progress.

Empower Ownership:

Rather than selling change, empower individuals to co-create ownership and drive transformation. This naturally diminishes resistance and fosters sustainable change.

People Power:

The core of every organization lies in its people. By unlocking their potential, businesses thrive. It’s a simple equation: grow people, grow business.

Traditional Traps:

Traditional leadership and change methods foster resistance and stifle innovation. A seismic shift away from outdated practices is essential to un-limit human potential and foster genuine progress.

Innovate or Perish:

Survival demands relentless innovation beyond mere product development. To navigate the modern landscape, we must reinvent how we work, lead, and adapt, scaling ourselves as the sole path forward.

Jasmine (Kernaleguen) Benson:

A  trailblazer in speaking and facilitation, pushing traditional leadership boundaries. From intimate virtual workshops to global conferences, she sparks transformative action, challenging conventional thinking. Navigating post-pandemic transformations, she captivates worldwide audiences, empowering leaders across sectors. Her latest venture pioneers video-facilitated workshops, empowering companies to effectively DIY, drive and sustain internal change.

Former executive, liberated from bureaucracy, dogma and burnout… a transformed disruptor, Jasmine fearlessly champions enduring change. With her contrarian approach and dynamic sessions, she’s redefining leadership paradigms, guiding companies to foster agility, leverage human performance science for lasting change, and create a better future of work.



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the talks…

… for conferences and corporate events wanting a forward-thinking, engaging speaker who ignites change and inspires action; virtual or in-person.

Approach: connect, provoke new thinking, empower them to see their own next steps forward, ignite real action.

Research shows that only a fraction of what’s heard at conferences truly sticks. That’s why I focus on tangible impact. By integrating insights from neuroscience, psychology, and physiology, I craft sessions that captivate, empower, and inspire. Participants don’t just leave with ideas; they leave with actionable insights and practical steps they can implement immediately.


Explore why outdated methods fail in the digital era and transform your leadership to thrive. Embrace innovative strategies to prioritize human potential and cultivate vibrant, growth-oriented workplaces.

Challenge convention and explore contrarian approaches to ignite real change and create performance. Learn to empower individuals, foster ownership, and create environments where people thrive.

Explore the transformative power of prioritizing people. Unlock your workforce’s potential and drive exponential growth by fostering an iterative growth culture of learning, experimentation, practice and feedback.

Shift from limiting past-focused to un-limiting future-oriented thinking. Discover how to ignite creativity, innovation, and momentum by focusing on ideal outcomes and leveraging neuroscience for change.

Survival in today’s “future of work” world demands relentless innovation. Explore how scaling yourself is key to thriving, learning practical strategies to innovate beyond products, transform your approach, and adapt for enduring success.

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…for leaders and companies eager to unleash human performance and drive sustainable growth by ditching dogma and embracing innovating themselves.



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Thought leader par excellence...

- CEO, Leadership Consulting

Insightful, authentic, engaging…

- President & CEO, Financial Services

Captivates with clarity...

- Senior Tech Leader, Insurance

Dynamic & interactive...

- COO, Financial Services

Real, human, and provocative...

- SVP, Real Estate

Incredible facilitator, engaging storyteller...

- CEO, Startup

Memorable & Powerful...

- CMXO, Financial Services







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Workshops for Leaders

Leading the Future of Work: Navigating Realities
    – Hybrid, distributed teams, changing landscapes.

Innovating Us: Fostering Growth Through Experimentation
    – Cultivate growth through innovative practices.

Reinventing Ourselves: Igniting our Innovation
    – Transform as a unified leadership team for future success.

Fueling Feedback: Cultivating Growth
    – Foster growth through a healthy feedback culture.

Crowdsourcing Culture: Co-Creating Momentum
    – Empower ownership for meaningful change.

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